Building memories one Friday night at a time…

Punky and I have gone to Champlin Park Rebel games every fall Friday night for the past several years.  His Hero, Michael Sales.   Remember that?

And then remember this crazy day last fall?!?!?  Punky is a Rebel fan…and a serious Michael Sales fan!

Tonight, we went to the first home game, and there sat Punky kind of lost, not knowing who to cheer for.  He missed Michael.  😦   As the game went on, and the score got closer, Punky started to cheer on some new players.   He really liked Marty Hill.  Punky of course talked Karen’s ear off the entire game.  Remember Karen?  We sit with her at all games.   She and I reconnected 20 years after college at a football game a few years ago.  Jack adores her; I chat with her; and Jack keeps us abreast on all the stats of the game.

In the last few minutes of the game, CPHS almost took the lead.  It was intense.  The result… a loss, but this Mama got some of the cutest pictures of her boy cheering for the Rebels.


I wouldn’t give up our Friday evening “dates” for the world!  I Love you, Buddy!


P.S.  On the way home, Punky asked me to “Text Michael Sales and please tell him that they would have won tonight if he had been playing!   He would have scored from the 1 yard line with seconds to go.”  My heart swells.

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