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Thank God it’s Friday!

I know it’s the first week of school…..but wow.  I am fried.  It’s crazy busy watching the plans and schedules I’ve made roll out each day with our students, paras, and teachers.  But, dang, my brain hurts!  There are a few more tweaks that need to be made, but I think we did ok.  🙂

Today I was at a training for the new SLD criteria for the state of Minnesota.  It was a Day 3 of 4 training.  My heart just wasn’t there today.  I knew how crazy it was back in our building, and I felt terrible that I wasn’t there to help manage the crazy chaos.  I have day 4 next week, and I hope I can go into that day with a little more spark.

At lunch time, I got to connect with a teacher I respect and admire.  She is now the lead at another middle school in our district.  I put together a 30 page para manual this summer for to help guide the new paras in our department.  It has always been a dream of mine since I took the lead job to have some sort of communication between the para and teacher before day 1 of school.   Well, Jen solved that!   I want to take her idea and run with it next year.  She takes the paras’ schedules and runs a mock schedule with 15 minute class periods during workshop week.   During that time, the paras run through their schedules and meet with the teachers they are supporting that hour and answer basic questions such as “What is your homework policy?  Where do you collect papers?  When you are teaching, what do you see me doing in your class? etc.”   BRILLIANT.   Exactly what I want…dialogue between the 2 parties!   🙂

Tonight, Punky had flag football practice.  Kirby was a bit explorative during practice tonight.  My new method products arrived tonight….that (and Punky’s 2nd grade Scholastic book flyer) put me into complete happiness!


Punky has 2 football scrimmages on Saturday.  It’s fun to watch them play.  They catch on to the plays so quickly!  Although this week was a bit humorous for the parents as our kids were just so tired after long days at school.  It was like watching zombies play at times.

photo (40)


Well, this Mama is spent.  Tomorrow is THANKFULLY Friday.  You know what Friday means, right?   Punky, Kirby and I attend “Choir Practice” after school with other teachers at Maverick’s… then tomorrow kicks off the “Punky and Mama Date Nights” at Champlin Park Rebel Football games.   He is so excited.   I have to say, Mama is too!

Good night!



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