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The first day of school was a HUGE hit with Punky!   I couldn’t be prouder!   He has an amazing teacher and is so excited about school this year.  His comment as he was falling asleep last night was, “Mama, I hope I learn something new this year…last year was all stuff I knew.”   🙂  I’m sure he’s on the right track!

I survived my first day as well.   All kids were taken care of, fed, and sent home on the right busses.  🙂  Lots of changes in our special education department this year, and I couldn’t be more excited for this year!   We hired 5 new paras and 5 new teachers, and they are all incredible!  So excited!  I counted up today and we are up to 271 kids in my department!  That is insane!!!!  But, job security!  😉  I love all of our kids.

So, I am so grateful that Punky is so excited. I do have to say it is incredibly nice to not be woken up in the middle of the night multiple times with little worries from your son.  😦  Poor guy.  I am so happy things are turning around!  It’s finally happening!  (We’ve struggled all the way through preschool, kindergarten, and parts of first grade…so it’s nice to be on the upswing now!)

Enjoy these pics from the bus stop and from his awesome teacher!


He is ready for Day #2!

Good night!


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