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It’s been awhile since I shared some of my favorite products.  There are a few things right now that get me through the madness of each day!

Number 1:   Method Pear Ginger All-Purpose Cleaner

First… I love the cool design.  Second, the smell is AMAZING!   I use this all purpose cleaner daily in my kitchen.  Just a spray makes me want to clean my entire kitchen.  I. Love. It.  In fact, I like it so much, I just picked up my number 2 product…

Number 2: Method Pear Ginger Dish Soap

Love this as well!  Not only because the scent is phenomenally fresh, but I love the one pump squirt that can clean a whole lotta dishes!   I am still pumping for Kirby, so cleaning my pump parts 3 times a day seems way less chore-like when I use this!  LOVE. IT.

Number 3:  Pinterest

We all know Pinterest can be evil… but you know what?  It can be quite resourceful as well!   Checking back frequently on my boards has made life a bit easier since going back to work.  I man, seriously, how many times have I sat down and just pinned things that picqued my interest?  Well, i have hundreds of pins, so obviously quite often!  It’s been nice to go back into my “Yumminess” board and find a dinner recipe I can use when I get home from work at night….or better yet, a recipe I can have cooking in the crock pot all day while I’m at work!   And, let’s not forget all the baby ideas and gift ideas I pinned over the summer!    There are lots of things there!   Enough to keep me out of trouble for awhile.

Number 4: Big House Red

Yep, that my friends is a box of wine.  A box.  Never thought I’d buy one, but it is awesome!   Not only does it have 4 bottles worth of wine in it (Red blend to boot!), but it stays fresh, so after I have a glass, I don’t feel guilty leaving the box sit… the wine will taste just as good tomorrow…and having only 1 glass lets me still pump later that evening.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a merlot girl.  However, I’m really enjoying red blends… much smoother.   Ahhhhhhh!

Number 5:  Baby Aveeno Calming Lotion

Love, Love, Love this!   I love lathering up little baby Kirby.  He LOVES the “baby massage,” and I love the fact that this helps his really dry patches of skin on his arms, legs, face, and back.  Plus, the smell is so calming, soothing, and scent-sational!   It’s awesome.   It is a bit pricey, but well worth it!

Number 6: Boogie Wipes

I have to admit when I first saw these in teh store a few months back, I thought there was no way I would EVER buy these.  And then, my baby caught a cold.  BEST. THING. EVER!   They are saline wipes (with a very fresh scent) and ya use them to wipe little noses!  No more rough Kleenex or red noses for baby!  Baby Kirby would wake up and sneeze several times and have those big huge yucky yellow green boogers hanging there…grab a wipe, and voila!  Gone, and no tears from baby for scratching skin or nose!  Definitely a keeper!

Number 7:  Dark Magic K-Cups

No secret here that I love my Keurig.  I’ve been loving dark roast coffee lately, and this is awesome.  It’s bold, dark, and so NOT bitter.  Helps me get through the mornings at work!

Number 8: My iPad 2

I just got an iPad at work, and I am loving it.  My favorite apps and such will be a post in the future.  But, believe me, I love it!  Lots and lots of cool apps to help me stay organized and to help me do my job…not to mention all the fun stuff I can load on for Kirby and Punky!   🙂

Stay tuned….

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