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celebrating life one moment at a time

I’ve been reading blogs now for years, and I have always wanted to participate in National Blog Posting Month, but I never have.  So, here I sit…typing…totally overwhelmed with life right now…plus a tad bit overtired, and I decide to give this a shot.  It can either 1. help me de-stress each day by getting thoughts on “paper” or 2. just add to everything else on my plate right now.  Let’s hope for the first option.

I was perusing some topic idea sites and came across a photo theme “Solitary” post.  This photo immediately popped into my mind.


It’s not even really the rain that popped into my head although that is part of it.  It’s that smile on Punky’s face…he’s trying to enjoy the rain.  I am trying to enjoy the rain these days.  I head to work each day (rain) and try to enjoy myself… but really I just want to be back home snuggling with Baby Kirby.

Maybe it’s because I feel so alone and so lost at work.   I am usually on top of what’s going on in my special education department with teachers, paras, and our students.  I am usually right on the ball with all of it.   But this year, I just can’t seem to wrap my head around any of it.  People keep telling me I am being too hard on myself.  I just had a baby. But, to me, it’s soooooooo frustrating!   It’s so not me to know what the hell is going on!

Everyone else started the school year, and here I stand…alone….trying to catch up.   It’s just so frustrating.

On top of those feelings, I head back home every day and try to find that balance between kids…. I want to snuggle up with Kirby, yet I want to play a game with Punky.   I want to snuggle up with Kirby before he goes to bed, but yet Punky needs attention as well.   I am starting to think a bedtime rotation is coming soon……so Hubby and I can each ENJOY the kids at bedtime.

Let’s not even touch the stress of doing regular daily living activities.

Please, NaBloPoMo…….Help me!!!!  I promise not to be a “Debbie Downer” each day!  I swear!

Good night!



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