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This past week, my Great Aunt Marge passed away at the age of 91.   She was my Grandma’s last living sibling.  Now, my Grandma is the last of the Kenealy siblings.

I always thought Aunt Margie was bigger than life.  She had a way of telling stories…of captivating her audience.   She had that gift of making you feel super important when she was talking with you.  She always made you feel loved.  She had the best laugh… and used it often.

Aunt Marge  lived in the city (Chicago) with Uncle Will.   They were quite the pair!  Uncle Will passed away in 1983 (I think it was ’83).  She always had a “connection” with him after he passed away.  It was kind of eerie when she explained it back then, but looking back, it is comforting.  She always talked about the signs he sent  her.

Aunt Margie was an avid gardener.  Her gardens were beyond beautiful.  When we visited her in the city, she always took us back to her gardens where we would always happen upon some gifts left for us by her leprechauns.  🙂  Did I mention, she was Irish?    Her leprechauns often left us packs of gum.

She had the most beautiful backyard that seemed to stretch forever… Each section of her garden seemed to be arranged in vignettes.  She had stories about all of her flowers, plants, trees, and shrubs.   She had  a bench in the very back of her yard near the alley… I loved to sit there as a kid and take it all in.  Pure beauty.

One summer when I was in junior high, I got to stay at Aunt Marge’s house with her.  She made me the yummiest breakfasts.  My favorite was a buttered English muffin with a banana smashed on top—sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.  It was delicious!   I still find it comforting as an adult.  During that week, she taught me how to play Pinochle.  We played for hours and hours.   She took me shopping and bought me the coolest new Walkman…and the new Madonna “True Blue” cassette.  I listened to that for hours and had the lyrics to all of the songs memorized before I went home.

Aunt Margie truly was a phenomenal woman with strong convictions, a deep sense of family, and a heart of gold.  She will truly be missed.  I was going through photos tonight and came across these pictures of her.  These first ones are from 2006.  Punky was about 9 months old.  My nephew Lukey was about 3 months old.  My mom and I took the kids to see Aunt Marge.

As I was editing those photos, I came across another time we visited with her while we were home.  2008… my mom, my grandma, Punky and me went to visit Aunt Margie at her daughter Lisa’s house in Des Plaines.  I could have sat there for hours and listened to the stories being told that day.  Punky was mesmerized be Aunt Marge.

I love this picture above.  This is the face of Aunt Marge telling you a story… I can picture her eyes dancing.  She was always so animated and captivating.  The picture below is how I will remember Aunt Margie… laughing, smiling, and warm-spirited.  She was an amazing woman.  She will be greatly missed.   I love you, Aunt Margie!

2 thoughts on ““Great” Aunt Margie

  1. Lucy says:

    So sorry for your loss and you can see her love of life in the photo, great photo 🙂

  2. hollymurawski says:

    This is wonderful..I shared it ion faceboook. what a great tribute.


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