Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

So, after yesterday’s excitement in the Schad household, one would think today would pale in comparison.  But today’s pricelessness had a different flavor.  Today was just mellow, low-key, and all about the important things.

Tonight, I had dinner with two friends, Shirley and Jace Krause.  Up until last November, I hadn’t seen them in more than 20 years although Shirley and I had remained penpals exchanging letters, cards, and emails over the years.   Punky kept them captivated through dinner.   Kirby slept through most of it, but it was just fun to sit and chat with friends from way back.

After our dinner, we went back to our house and chatted for another hour, while Keith took Punky to flag football practice.  Keith took a video of our young little football player as he took the field as the quarterback tonight during a scrimmage.  (They rotate positions so everyone gets a chance to try each one.)  Check out our little athlete…

After practice and after Shirley and Jace headed out, it was time for homework.  Punky completed his math assignment and then sat down to read his  leveled readers to us as a family.   He was so proud, and he did a great job!


Even little Kirby was captivated by his older brother!

I then caught Keith and Kirby discussing the day’s events.  Soooo cute!

Tomorrow I am leaving to go scrapbooking for the weekend with friends (and my sister!)  I know I will miss my boys, and who wouldn’t miss this snugglebug?

But, as I was putting Punky to sleep tonight he kept whispering, “Mama, I already miss you.”   My heart smiled.  This is what life is all about… friends and family.  Priceless.

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