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My last post about Michael Sales and Punky was post # 1,000 for this blog.  I never imagined what would become of that post as I wrote it.

KARE 11 (NBC affiliate in the Twin Cities) contacted me about my blog story saying they wanted to air it tonight on the 10 PM News.  I couldn’t believe it!  Either could Punky!  He was so excited!  He made me call Karen and Grandma Holly to tell them about it.

Punky went to sleep tonight before it aired, but I am sure he will be super excited tomorrow morning when he sees the recording.

I couldn’t find the KARE 11 “Before we go” segments on their website, so forgive my recording of the TV.  Here is the story as it aired on the news tonight…

I’m glad KARE11 aired the story.  Michael Sales is a great kid with a huge heart and a whole lot of athletic ability!  I’m sure Punky isn’t the only kid who looks up to him…

I am off to bed; it’s been a crazy day!

3 thoughts on “What a day!

  1. Tabitha Kallas says:

    Michael is truly an amazing young man. It is so refreshing to see a highschool star take time out to see a “fan.” Just seeing my nephew’s face light up, words cold never express what it meant to him to have Michael watch him. What a true inspiration!

  2. So excited that most the family got to witness this event first hand…Michael was a kind young man and was a joy to talk to. Jack’s reaction to him being there was priceless…and the fact Michael stuck around the whole game so that he could talk to Jack after and have a photo op with him was amazing. What a wonderful guy…he truly gets the mentor/hero position he is in and acts on it. Our wish for Michael is to have him choose the best college for him next year…both supporting his athletic needs as well as his academic needs…that young man is headed in the right direction. Thanks Michael for making our Jack so happy and inspired! You rock!

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