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Baby Schad was born last week!   We are back home and doing well!  I promise to post more as things settle in here!   I am still working on that toy room.  My wonderful mom and dad helped me out quite a bit and surprised me with painting my accent wall green while I was in the hospital!   It is absolutely beautiful!   I will post pics as we finish it (have to wait to recover from the c-section first before I can do any heavy lifting in that room!)

Punky is loving being a big brother.  He just beams when he is with the little guy!

I think for blogging purposes, this little guys name will be Kirby… I know that will make many of you smile!   🙂

So, without further adieu, Here is our “little” Kirby!

Meet “Kirby”…

A very Proud BIG BROTHER!

I have lots to write about… but I have lots to do here at home.   Gotta go snuggle with my boys!



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2 thoughts on “Meet Baby Schad

  1. Mr Geek says:

    I am so happy for you and the (slightly bigger) Schad family. He is as cute as a button! (Please don’t make me broody). I hope you are enjoying this wonderful time!

  2. Melissa says:

    Thank you! I am! He is truly a blessing. He’s an easy-going baby. I head back to work in a couple of weeks……not sure I want to go back! I am loving being a full-time Mama! 🙂

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