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Our house is turned upside down right now.  Looks like a hurricane or tornado has ripped through it.  Fun times.

I’ve been moving Punky’s toys and most of his expansive book collection out of his room to make room for Baby.  My thoughts are that I will make our downstairs into a fun toy room.  🙂  Poor kid needs something to look forward to since we’re about to turn his life upside down!  So, I have toys from downstairs and toys from upstairs all over our living room and our garage right now.  Makes me want to break out in hives looking at all this stuff!

I really want to paint the playroom some fun colors to make it fresh and NEW for Punky.  I love these colors…..

However, I have hit a brick wall.  Hubby doesn’t want to paint the room.  He likes the red of our current “Movie room” which hasn’t been used as that since we had a kid… I think the red is a bit dark for the toy room…..I’d love to paint the walls orange and green from above and then paint the accent furniture pieces in there the red and purple colors.  So.  I’m stuck.

I have some other super cute ideas…. I bought a few things on Groopdealz and VeryJane.  (If you don’t know those two sites…..start to follow them!)  I also bought a shelf from Craig’s list and got a cool piece from a friend. Here’s what I am working with…

Bought this in white to go on the wall above the GeoTrax trains

Bought this in white to put above the desk area for arts/crafts. I’ll hang a wire to display art projects from. Already have a few from Punky!

Bought this from Craig’s list to house the geotrax stuff! The bigger piece will have to sit on top or be in a bin next to this shelf….But surprisingly…ALL the small stuff fits in these bins!!! Yay! I think I’ll be painting this shelf purple or red. ALL ABOARD!

Bought these metal letters in lowercase to spell out r-e-a-d. That will be put above the room-length shelf of books (above the sofa) to foster that reading! 🙂 I’ll be painting them to pop off the wall more than the metal.

My friend Rachel gave me an awesome custom made cubby-shelf/changing table that will also be in this room.  I just have to paint it either red or purple. I think purple.  It has a “Hutch” piece that stands on top with cubbies built around an opening that is used for one of those curved contour changing pads…. so we’ll have a spot to change Baby’s diaper while we’re down there……but then the unit will house toys as well!  🙂  I had a picture of it, but I can’t seem to find it. WAIT!   I found one on my iPhone….. it was a picture of a picture on a computer screen….not the best, but you get the idea.

LOVE This!

I better get back to work.  Can’t wait until this is ALL DONE!!!!!!  Then I’ll post pictures!


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2 thoughts on “Making Order from Chaos

  1. Heidi Jahnke says:

    You are a busy woman!! Your ideas sound wonderful! Hope you’re having fun doing it,even though it is a lot of work:)

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