Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

Well, I ended another school year.    My 16th year teaching.  Where does the time go?

Life at our house is crazy busy, but I’m hoping it’ll be slowing down a bit since school is out!

Punky is loving his baseball team!  He’s on the White Sox (Go figure…..the uniforms make Mama cringe!).

What a swing!

Go White Sox!

Swing, Batter!

He and Hubby have been to 2 Twins games this year so far.  Punky continues to be a walking baseball statistician!


Arriving at Target Field

Punky going to the Twins/Cub game and wearing both teams’ apparel! Go Twins! Go Cubbies!

I am getting bigger and bigger!  I never really realize my girth until I see pics of myself!   My Special Ed Department at my school surprised me with a baby shower.  It was QUITE the surprise!  I had no clue!  We got so many nice gifts!  My head is still whirling from that morning!


We finally bought a laptop. 🙂   Scrapping has once again begun!  I just did a quick layout of Punky and Hubby’s trip to Target Field on May 30th.

Can’t wait to get back into the scrapping mode!   I have lots to catch up on!

I have been busy working on sorting through toys and clothes and trying to make room for Baby around this house.  Lots and lots of work lies ahead, but with each passing day we get more and more excited!

I haven’t blogged for quite awhile so here’s our last ultrasound from the end of May…. profile shot!

What a cutie!

Punky graduated from Kindergarten this past week as well… He is so excited to be a first grader!


We’re still juggling names for Baby around this joint…. It’s so frustrating. I think it’s super tough to name boys!   I had a girl’s name all picked out… so we continue to squabble over names.  Stay tuned!

This has ended up into quite the hodge-podge post!  🙂  I’ll try to stay on top of things around this corner of the internet!

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