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Ok.  So, Another Ketchup time……I swear time gets away from me, and I just never get on here anymore!

We caught another glimpse of Baby Schad this past month.  He’s a cutie!   Everything looks great, and he is also looking BIG…..just like Punky entered the world at a whopping 11 lbs 4 oz! This one is well on his way….measuring weeks ahead!

Pastor Cindy announced she’ll be leaving our church to move to her new church in Duluth.  Super sad to see her leave but I understand why she is going.   😦

Our new Pastor was announced yesterday, and we are super excited to meet him and his family.  First time in DECADES that we’ll have young children in the parsonage again!  🙂

Punky has been busy practicing his baseball skills.  He has practice Tuesday and Thursday evenings, but he certainly practices at home whenever he gets a free moment.  That kid has a baseball in his hand at all times!

We rented The Perfect Game this weekend from Redbox.   Punky LOVED it!  Anything about baseball!  It was a very sweet movie.   Hubby and I watch The Iron Lady this weekend.

Swimming lessons are almost finished—-2 more weeks.

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