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Dear Baby Boy Schad,

Well, we went in for our appointment today, and we definitely found out your sex!   🙂   I am super excited!   Jack didn’t want to know until after school today since we weren’t sure if we’d be back from the doctor before he went to kindergarten.   Another reason why he chose to wait was so that Grandma Holly wouldn’t be the last to find out you were a boy, since she was kind of bummed she was one of the last ones to find out about you in the first place (but that was because we wanted to tell her in person!)

Anyway, we haven’t told Jack yet, as he is still at school…..I am so sure he’s going to be soooooo excited!  In fact, his vote for your name has been Kirby Puckett Killebrew Schad (if you didn’t know that yet, your brother is a baseball and football fanatic!)  After I told him maybe he should name his own kids, and I can name mine, he changed his vote to Alex.  My friends at school think Kirby is kinda cute, so my department calls you Kirby and will continue to do so until you are born.  🙂  So, Kirby is your new nickname!

I can’t wait to tell your brother!   He’ll have big plans for you!  In fact, one of his favorite TV shows is Good luck Charlie, where one of the main characters makes a video for her little sister with tips on how to grow up in their household.  He’s already made a few videos for you!   I’m sure he’ll start making you some more!

I was excited to get another glimpse of you!   We can’t wait to meet you……but we know you need to stay in there another 18 weeks or so until you are ready to come out!



Definitely a BOY!

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2 thoughts on “Baby Boy Schad

  1. Heather says:

    We are sooo excited for you! So glad that he is healthy! Can’t wait to snuggle with him!

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