Blue or Pink?

Dear Baby Schad,

Tomorrow we find out (if you cooperate) whether you are a boy or a girl.   I am a bit nervous about finding out….. I’m so excited either way, but a bit nervous.   I would love you to be a little girl, as there is nothing like a mother-daughter bond, but then again, I would love you to be a little boy, as there is nothing like having a Mama’s boy either!

I’ve been loving feeling you kick around in there.  You certainly are very active…..just like your big brother, Jack was!  I know I joke that you will be trouble since you’ve made my life a bit miserable at times…..but know that I am only joking…. ask Jack, it’s my way of dealing with things.   There is NOTHING like being pregnant and then being a Mommy, and I am super excited to be pregnant and be a Mommy again!

In a few weeks, Jack and Daddy will be able to feel you kick and squirm, and I can’t wait!  Jack is going to love being a big brother, and he’s already super excited to meet you!   We’re all pretty excited to meet you….but not for a few more months!   You need to grow a bit bigger!

You sure have a whole lot of people excited to find out your gender tomorrow!  Lots of our friends and family can’t wait to hear our news!   We’ve been wanting you for a long, long time!



P.S.  The photo below is the last look we got of you 7 weeks ago!   We’re super excited to see how big you’ve grown!



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