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SO, I’ve been absent from ALL of my blogs for over a month now.  I have lots to say, but, I’ll just summarize a few things bullet-style here… (So, for my “punny” readers…..Here’s the Schad “Ketchup” not mustard!)

  • I quietly turned 38 last month.  38 and pregnant.  Yikes!
  • Baby making is going well.  Heartburn seems to be the killer this time.
  • Fought a lovely sinus infection off with Amoxicillin and Tylenol.   Kinda like drinking water and chewing bubblegum.  Last time I was pregnant with Punky I could at least have Sudafed!
  • Watched some great movies the past few weeks: Girl with The Dragon Tattoo (Fabulous); The Help; Moneyball; and Bridesmaids.  Even saw Dolphin Tale (which was adorable!)
  • Been hooked on The Voice.  Punky and I LOVE it!  My favorite so far is Pip!
  • Also hooked on Revenge.  Great show!
  • Getting organized for a scrapbooking weekend retreat next weekend!  I am so excited!  I leave Thursday after school!  🙂  (Be ready for some pics of layouts next weekend!)
  • Hubby has been PHENOMENAL.  I am so lucky.  The poor man works all day, and then comes home to an exhausted, heart-burning wife who has the energy level of a sloth by the end of the school day.  😦  I keep telling him the second trimester will be better!  (So far, it hasn’t…..buut hey, it just started!)
  • My parents are on a cruise for two weeks.  I talk to my mom MULTIPLE times a day usually.  it’s quite weird not being able to pick up the phone and chat!   Not sure I like this!
  • Had Punky’s parent-teacher conference last week.  The kid is a rockstar.  He’s made LOTS of gains with friends and the whole social aspect of school.  I just have to get him a bit more relaxed about going!  Academically, he’s doing very well!  Math is his forte.  Pretty sure,   No, let’s try that again, VERY SURE he didn’t get that from me!  I finally talked him into entering his “baseball game” into the Art and Academic Expo next month.  He’s excited.  
  • Signed Punky up for baseball this year instead of advanced t-ball.  He’s VERY excited for this to start!  He’s also got his heart set on Flag Football in the Fall. 🙂  He’s such a sport nut!
  • I have no brain left.  Really.  This kid is sucking it all from my  head.  (I even overheard Punky  telling Hubby this one day!)  I need to write EVERYTHING down.  I have 25 more weeks to go…..and then the “Baby Brain” hits from exhaustion.  Can’t wait!  It’ll be so worth it!
  • Ultrasound has been moved up to March 22nd to take another peek at baby and hopefully determine gender.  (This baby better cooperate!)  I am excited!  Punky is set on a boy, whom he wants to name Kirby Puckett Killebrew Schad.  Seriously, I’m not kidding.  
  • Punky and I will head to Illinois to visit the Murawski family over our spring break.  Hubby will stay back here and work to save his days for later this year!  🙂
  • sat down to do our taxes yesterday.  Royal Bummer.  I was expecting a small return, but nope, instead, my new job bumped us into the next tax bracket, so we have to pay in….to state and federal.  So not the news I wanted this weekend!  😦 oh well.  
  • Punky declared today as PAJAMA DAY.  Being as thought it is now 1:45 PM, I guess I should just surrender to that idea!
I promise to not stay away so long.  I am hoping my energy level will be bumping up a few notches in the next few weeks!  🙂  A girl can wish, right?

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