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Man, this baby-making stuff is tiring!   I slept from 1 AM – 9:30 AM this morning.  Got up, my awesome hubby made us breakfast, ate breakfast then curled up on the couch to watch the Rose Bowl parade… and I slept for 2 more hours!   Good grief!

My favorite part of today was watching my boys.   They created this game with Punky’s baseball cards.  Punky sorted the cards by league…National and American.  He then created a team for each league.   He and hubby placed the cards on the table in position.  Then, Punky rolled a dice.   Punky created these rules:

  • roll a 1: Batters gets a single.
  • roll a 2: Batter gets a double.
  • roll a 3:  Batter gets a triple/
  • roll a 4:  Batter gets a HOMERUN.
  • roll a 5 or a 6:  Batter is OUT.

When there were 3 outs, they changed sides, rearranged the field, and did it all again.   Punky kept score on a piece of paper.  It was so dang cute!

Here are a few pics of my guys.

Setting up the field (I'm along the 3rd baseline)Batter Up!

Punky keeping score

A Homerun! Punky marks it down!


The Final Score

It was so neat to watch them play this!


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Guys

  1. Mr Geek says:

    Sounds better than real baseball 🙂

  2. kelly paulson says:

    That’s so cute!! I love his “thinking” face 🙂

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