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As I am taking down all of our Christmas decorations, I came across what was one of my favorite gifts to ever get from my mom and dad for Christmas.   All three of us Murawski kids actually got one.  You see, my mom and dad’s house becomes an enchanted magical Christmas wonderland every year at Christmas.  They’ve scaled back on the decorations as we have gotten older and grandkids have entered the picture, but honestly, it’s still as beautiful as ever each year.

Anyway, mom always made these cute little vignettes around the house and would sprinkle “snow” on everything to make it even more special.  So, for Christmas one year, we got a “box of snow.”  No, really.  We got a box with some of the “snow” mom used to decorate our house with each year.




So, every year, I used just a bit of the snow around my Gurley candles…


And every year, it goes back in its special box.

I love it!







One thought on “Christmas Snow

  1. Ederner says:

    What a lovely present! Santa actually left snow footprints with gold glitter in our front room this year as he was dropping presents off… The boys were so excited!!

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