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Our crazy December… no other way to describe it!

December 3rd – Take most of my maternity clothes, and a good chunk of baby clothes to Goodwill to clear out the garage, as I keep promising Hubby we’ll be parking in there soon!

December 6th – While talking at lunch, my friends are naming teachers in our building who are pregnant.   I get to thinking, when was my last period?  Hmmmmm.  I proceed to ask anyone and everyone that very same question in hopes that something will trigger my mind.  I go home, and that nagging question lingers, so after dinner, I go to Walgreen’s to buy a test, and then I quickly stop at the liquor store as we are all out of wine.   I come home and run up the stairs to the bathroom, shut the door, and hold my breath.   There is no way.  And then… there it was!

I called Keith upstairs, and Punky followed.  As I handed Keith the test, Punky said, “Mama, are you ok?  You got a fever?”  (I love that line!   You’re right buddy—–it totally looks like a thermometer!)

December 7th – Well, since I asked EVERYONE the day before about my period, it was pretty hard to NOT say anything at work.  I walked in and got a lot of “Well?????” questions.  🙂  Head to the clinic for blood draws to check hormone  levels to try to guess how far along I am!

December 13th – Keith and I head to the clinic for our first ultrasound.   I still have NO clue on dates.  I used to make fun of people like this!  The ultrasound lady was not my favorite… didn’t tell us much…just that there was a “healthy sac.”  How many of you can say that?  LOL!  Baby is too small to see!  5 weeks pregnant…

More blood draws and pokes.

December 15th – We tell Punky he is going to be a big brother.  🙂   He is super excited!  I really wanted to see a heartbeat before we told him, but we are hosting Schad Christmas on Saturday!  So, the news will be out!

December 17th – We host Schad Christmas.   Punky proudly wears his “Big Brother Jack” shirt to tell everyone.  Lots of hugs!

December 20th – Keith and Punky are off to Punky’s very first field trip…and Mama has a second ultrasound.  Super scared as I soooooo needed to see a heartbeat so that I knew we weren’t repeating March 2008.   This ultrasound technician was AWESOME.   She showed me everything, took measurements, and gave me pictures of  “that piece of rice!”  Heartbeat was 123 beats/minute.  Perfect!   6 weeks along…

December 20 (PM)… Get the “goose” which will announce to my family about their next grandchild.   Tag it and wrap it…and it’s ready to go!


December 21,22… The secret is killing me….I still haven’t told my MOM and DAD!  Punky avoids most phone calls with them as he wants to see their faces too when we tell them!

December 23 – We arrive in Chicago, and Mom and Dad open up their 4th goose…


(Click on the link to see it on YouTube!)

December 24th – Punky announces it to the Hill family (and FACEBOOK) on Christmas Eve… He couldn’t be any prouder!

In fact, the boy is still smiling…

and still smiling…..days later….

Mama and Dada are still smiling too, Buddy!

2 thoughts on “Our Crazy December

  1. Nemma says:

    Amazing news! Have just woken up here so this was a lovely thing to wake up to! Huge congratulations to you all and best wishes from across the pond xx

  2. Cindy Anselmo says:

    Congratulations to you and your family! No better way to start the New Year!

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