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What have we been up to?


Our Living room has been repainted, and now the time comes where I have to actually figure out what and where everything goes on the walls.   I’m taking it slow….as I want it to be “right” before I put it up!

Here’s a sneak at what we’ve been up to…

There goes our striped walls…

no more red in this room!   🙂  Here’s a peek at what we’ve been doing…

Here’s one of my favorite “new” things for the new room! 🙂

After painting, we’ve kinda been slowly getting things done around here.  I spray painted all of our old black frames brown.  They turned out nicely!

I got rid of the monstrosity (well, not really, it’s in my garage if anyone wants it!) of an entertainment center.  We got this awesome media armoire from my brother-in-law and siater-in-law, and I love it!

So, out with the “old…” (these pics are from when Punky was 1!)


And in with the new…

Much richer.  Look at those walls!  I just need to figure out what I want to hold all of our DVDs and movies…..some sort of shelf.

Now, I am working on my entry way closet.  My inspiration was on Pinterest…. surprised?   Not!   I love that site!   Here is what I am going for… (kinda)

Next is to tackle that beast!  Keith has it painted blue already.  I moved the pew/bench in there…but now I need my mirror and some shelves in there.  🙂

I am off to watch The Good Wife… and then go to sleep….had an amazing weekend in Chicago with the family for Dawn’s wedding (my cousin).  We posted tons of pics on Facebook, so go check them out…






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