Miss Charlie Kitty

I had to call the vet this morning and bring Charlie in this afternoon.  She wasn’t doing very well.  So, with much sadness, we said goodbye to Charlie.  I got to hold her while she passed away.

Charlie B. Schad

July 29, 1995 – July 19, 2011

Goodbye Miss Charlie!  We love you and will miss you very much!  Have fun playing with Nala!  I’m sure she’s happy to see you again!

6 thoughts on “Miss Charlie Kitty

  1. Poor baby….she is healthy and free now. Playing with her long lost sister. How’s Jack?

  2. I am so sad…for you guys.. but happy that Charlie is with Nala and they can be pain free and young again!!

  3. Oh my Melissa, your story about losing Miss Charlie has reawakened some very deep memories in me. I held our Golden Retriever, Prince as he passed away at the vet’s office 3 yrs. ago. That experience cannot be explained unless you’ve been through it. Very sorry for your loss. I love the the messages in the Rainbow Bridge.

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