Our Weekend Through Instagrams

Just downloaded my new favorite app….Instagram, and I LOVE it!

We just went to the cabin Friday evening through Sunday morning.  We had fun, but man, was it ever HOT and HUMID!   We stayed inside most of the time.

Driving to the cabin on I-94
Wow! Notice the "Extra Lake" in the yard. LOTS of rain!
The beautiful lake...
My boys playing STAR WARS in the living room.
Taught Jack how to play Yahtzee and realized he so gets his awesome math skills from his Grandpa Ed!
Went to a beautiful lakeside church service and met up with a family friend. Then Jack had fun at the park!
Dinner.....grilled chicken along with grilled veggie kabobs. Pure yumminess!
Took a scenic way home. Gorgeous!
A creek that was bursting at the banks!
Super cool railroad bridge...
This was really cool! A train went by a few minutes after we had left. Would have been cool to see it go over!
Punky practicing his letters as he asks us to spell words.

And…..to end this post, I leave you with this.  (A commentary on our weather right now)…

Stay cool!

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