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This will be a post in iPhone pictures from our weekend at the lake.   (Well, mostly pictures, as you know, I do like to interject a word here and there!)


This is the view from my chair…where I read 4 novels this weekend!   That’s right….4!   I so miss reading!   I read The Postcard Killers by James Patterson, Hold Still by Nina LaCour, A Soft Place to Land by Susan Rebecca White, and The Red Door by Charles Todd.  (Well, I am still reading the 4th one….)  I will skip the photo showing how red I am, as I burned a bit today!  😦

Punky spent most of the weekend bee-bopping between neighbors houses.   I was super happy to see him socializing…but sad to see him be so independent!  But it was nice to see him come home and ask for everything he was going to be doing.  🙂  This photo was taken after I walked over to the fence to talk to him and I stepped in a pile of goose crap…so I headed straight to the water to rinse off my foot.  PRAYING to GOD there were no chiggers in the water!   ICK!

My beverage of choice this weekend.   Ahhhhhhh.   Also had some yummy lemonade from Schwans!    🙂

See that tiny speck in the middle of the picture—-out in the lake.   That’s my boys!   They went paddle-boating a few times!   Punky and Hubby love it!

a little closer….

My boys.   I love as they approach closer to the shore, you can kinda make out what Punky and Hubby are talking about. Punky  has a gazillion questions, and Hubby has lots of answers!

A beautiful blue heron came to visit us today.  I saw lots of American pelicans as well, but I never had my phone or camera ready when they flew by!  This guy hung out on our dock for about 20 minutes before flying off.

There were lots of pretty sailboats out this weekend as well.   (Notice, our little blue heron friend is still hanging around!)

I enjoyed lots of snuggling time on my lawn chair with Punky.  He’d come over to hang out with me.  This shot is him pretending to read my book.  He kept peering over the pages at me.

I have a new iPhone app called “Photo Pop” where it has a theme of the day.   I thought it fit perfectly on Saturday with Punky’s antics…

He just kept “reading” aloud to me as we were on the lawn chair together.

This depicts the best “buy” of the weekend.   Saw this at Aldi on saturday and HAD to pick it up!   We grilled burgers Saturday night and a slice of this cheese made YUMMY Bleu-Cheese Burgers!   Delicious!

Punky’s favorite meal at the cabin is always when we build a fire and roast hot dogs… and then follow them up with yummy s’mores!   It’s ALWAYS a hit!

Punky always enjoys watching the fire too….just like his mom and dad.  Deep conversations come out around a fire!

Another awesome buys at Aldi’s.   They have these pools that are also sprinklers.  Punky has the frog one at home.   He’s at the dolphin and shark at Grandma Holly’s, and now we have the alligator one.   These pools are less than $10, and they supply a whole summer of fun!

So…until we get back there in 2 weeks……Thank you cabin for the awesome family memories!   We always love visiting you, and we can’t wait to get back!



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One thought on “Happy 4th Of July!

  1. Holly says:

    Cool holiday summary…wish we were closer..

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