Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

So, I never got around to posting more of the pictures from mom and dad’s visit.  We had a great time with them.  One of Punky’s highlights was going swimming with “Gwandpa Ed” at their hotel.


Punky had to get his haircut too…and let me tell ya how excited he was about that!


Grandma Holly got a few cute pictures before his handsome haircut…he looks so old right after he gets his hair cut!   My little guy is growing up so fast! 

This was taken right after coming inside from playing baseball in the backyard.  He’s so sweaty!!!

And of course, we had to come in and watch baseball…because that’s all we watch these days!

We also got to celebrate Father’s Day a week late with Grandpa Ed. We were excited to give him his super cute card from Tiny Prints.

and then these super cool scrabble tiles that are Chicago wine charms…

Both were a hit with “Gwandpa” Ed!

And then we had those super-yummy homemade hamburgers that I already shared with you!  You gotta try them!  Have a great holiday weekend!


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