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Today, Keith worked from home, so Punky and I were banished from the house. 🙂 Which was ok with me!

Keith’s license tabs expired today, and with the looming government shutdown tomorrow, I headed on over to get them. When we got there, there was over an hour wait. (I guess everyone had the same idea!) But, lucky for us, the receptionist said that if we left our forms with our check, she would get them for us and we could pick them up from her tomorrow morning. (She’s not a government employee, she works for the City of Brooklyn Park.) Sweet! I wrote the check, and I’ll go pick them up in the morning!

Punky and I then headed over to the movie theater to catch the 10:20 AM show of Mr. Popper’s Penguins. I remember loving the book when I was a kid. (I can’t remember which of my awesome elementary teachers read it aloud to our class, but I loved it!) The movie was very cute. Punky laughed quite a bit, as did I.

When the movie got out, we headed over to pick up Bre (Kelly’s daughter) to drop her off at her driving lesson. We swung my my school to take Lisa’s order for lunch so we could bring her lunch on her last day at Jackson…but Mr. Hagerty, our principal, surprised us with letting Lisa go out with us…and then take the rest of the day off! So, Punky and I brought her to Chris and Rob’s so she could enjoy her very first Chicago-style hot dog. YUMMY!

After lunch, we picked Bre up from her lesson, and then headed home. Keith had one more conference call, so we headed to Style Nails where Punky played “Tiny Chef” on my iPhone and I enjoyed an awesome pedicure! 🙂

Dinner was leftovers….it was way too hot to cook! (Heat index was 107 today with dew points in the 70s).

Keith and Jack went to the park to watch the big kids play baseball. Jack LOVES doing this. Keith always sends me the cutest pictures of him watching…I was home gathering Tastefully Simple orders for my sister.

He just adores baseball and everything about it!

i am off to the gym now….

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One thought on “Our busy, but fun, HOT day!

  1. Holly says:

    Wow busy busy day….acorn does not fall far from the tree…tee hee..loved the picture of Jack watching the bigger boys!! Kudos on your luck getting tags!!

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