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I am in love with a new store. Well, it’s not new stuff… but it is new to me, and I love it! So, dear blog reader, meet Hunt & Gather.  It’s a super cool retro-y antique store with the coolest things in there…and I mean cool.   I know it’s all in presentation, but they do a fabulous job with that!

I hopped into this little place a few weeks ago when Heather and I were out looking for a doll house door to make that super cute tooth fairy door…remember?  Anyway, We kinda zipped through there, as we had lots to do that day with having to make a door for that night’s tooth fairy visit!

Anyway, I have been thinking about this place.  I will be painting our living room this summer, and I have in my head what I want in there…and I know this store has it in there somewhere…it just has to pop out at me.  🙂

When you first walk in, you turn right into this super huge room over-packed with letters of the alphabet in every shape, color, and size.  They are everywhere…stacked on shelves, hanging from the ceilings, hanging on the walls, in bins, on tables.  EVERYWHERE!

 While you’re in the “text” rooms, you’ll find a plethora of super cool things from old flashcards, old books, letters of the alphabet in any shape or size…plus, there are super cool collections of things around the store.  Words can’t do this place justice…so Mom snapped a few more pictures.

    My favorite…showing the designers here have a great sense of humor…

 Just a few more pictures of the treasures that can be found here… 


So, if you are in the Minneapolis area…go find this place!  It’s amazing!  Check it out online at Hunt & Gather.  Enjoy!  (Even if you don’t buy anything…you can take super cool photos!  I of course, bought some things…and Mom took super cool pics!   Thanks, Mom!)





2 thoughts on “My New Favorite Store…

  1. lindymacduff says:

    “Nothing runs like a Deere!” Looks like a fun store for browsing. Great images!
    (I’m visiting from “That’s My Answer.”)

  2. Melissa says:

    Welcome! Thanks for stopping by!!! 😉 I used to LOVE That’s My Answer…….but I have gotten away from it. Trying to get back to answer some questions. 🙂

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