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What a crazy weekend!

Friday afternoon, I ended up in Urgent Care.  I guess I experienced an ocular migraine (a.k.a. Visual Migraine).  It freaked me out.  I had absolutely no pain, just lots of floaters, spots, waves, pixelations, and loss of peripheral vision in my right eye that lasted for about 45 minutes or so.  I was sent home and told to treat it like a migraine —-no reading, tv, computer, etc.  The doctor told Keith and Punky if I acted any weirder than usual to bring me back.  It took me almost 24 hours of fogginess, but I am back to my normal self!   😉

Saturday, Keith headed to the lake to open the cabin.  🙂  (Ahhhhhh.  Summer is almost here!)  Punky and I stayed home.   We had lunch with my friend Mary and her aunt.  Then we headed over to Sky’s 1st Birthday party!  Punky had so much fun playing with all of his friends, and it was so neat to see them all interact with each other (they all act like siblings since they all go to daycare together everyday).  It was also lots of fun to touch base with the parents of all Punky’s daycare friends. 

On Sunday, we went to church, then headed to lunch with family friends.  Then, we all headed up to St. Michael for Cora’s 3rd birthday party!  Again, it was so much fun to relax and be with such awesome friends.   The kids had so much fun on the Slip-N-Slide, and the parents had fun chatting!

Tomorrow, Keith is heading to his uncle’s funeral with his brother and his dad.   I am heading back to school for the last “official” week!   🙂  I’m sure I’ll be in many days over the summer trying to get things done before the fall.  I also need a few days to go through the file cabinets in my office since I started the week before school—-I don’t even know what’s in them!  I’d just like a day or two to make it “mine.”

Have a great week!   Enjoy that sunshine!


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2 thoughts on “The final stretch…

  1. Beth says:

    Are you staying in the same position?

    Thankfully you were able to get rid of that Migraine and have a good weekend! Loved the weather!

  2. Gwandma Holly says:

    wow– what a scare…have a great last official week!!

    Love ya

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