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So, I have to play a little “Catch Up” on here… (No Mustard tonight!  Man, I crack myself up!)

Sorry about that.    We’ve been super busy around here.   I’m winding down the school year (I still can’t quite believe that it is June!)  Punky is done with his preschool.  The weather continues to be weird (Although we’ve had a few extremely perfect days in a row!).  We continue to pout as we watch the Twins games these days.  (I joke that being a Twins fan this year uses the same skill set I grew up with as a Cubs fan!)  Punky is OBSESSED with baseball.   He still insists on wearing his Twins shirt.  He plays every night in the backyard, and he is constantly going through the motions when he’s watching TV when I make supper….he just throws his little baseball hacky sack, and then acts out various baseball scenarios.  It’s actually very cute—and at times quite humorous! 

Punky loves his MN Twins.   He can name every player, their position, and various facts about each of them.  However, he is adamant that Michael Cuddyer’s name is “Dyer”  I think it is because announcers always call him Cuddyer, and Punky hears it as “Cud Dyer” so he insists his name is “Dyer.”  There is no arguing with the boy on  this topic.   Really.  His name is Dyer.  (LOL)

This weekend, Keith will open up the cabin with his brother while Punky and I attend a special little girl’s 1st Birthday party.  Before the party, I told Punky that we need to go get him some shorts and shoes…and we could even pick up a few more Twins shirts.   THAT is what got him hooked.   He’s now excited to go shopping!   🙂   Now, I better be able to deliver on those Twins shirts, or I am in trouble!

So, tonight I thought of that super cool photo shoot we took Punky to over a year ago…and I realized we never got any photos.  So, I contacted one of the local photographers (who is amazing BTW), and she got right on that!   I should have images later tonight…. Yay!  Apparently there was a glitch with emailing them out.   🙂 I’m super excited!   I’ll keep ya posted!

Still been going to the gym most nights….I have kind of hit a plateau and have realized how annoying and frustrating that is…but THAT is what keeps me going…so I am sure I’ll start losing again.  🙂 I have another 20-25 lbs to go!   🙂  I am still using MyFitnessPal… I really love that app.  The thing that keeps me going on there is at the end of every day when you finally submit your food and exercise, it’ll tell you what your weight will be in 5 weeks if you continue on this route….THAT is what keeps me going…that arbitrary number in the future.  🙂  So far, it has been fairly accurate, too!

I am off to put Punky to bed… Good night!


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4 thoughts on “Time for Ketchup!

  1. Beth says:

    Target has Twin shirts! I am so excited for the end of the year…6 days of school left!

  2. Gwandma Holly says:

    awesome progress…so Punky will not be wearing the cub attire we got him?? good to see him so excited abut baseball..

    Can’t believe it is June!

  3. Melissa says:

    Oh, he’s loving the Cubbies too…..He wears his Cubs hat everyday…..and plays with his Cubs baseball bat and ball EVERY single day!!!! In fact, he stole my canvas for his room!

  4. Melissa says:

    Beth – Jack scored BIG TIME at Target tonight! A batting helmet, batting gloves, Morneau shirt, Mauer shirt, bat/ball, and a baseball cap! the kid was in heaven!!!! Thanks!

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