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What a crazy day!  Punky woke up with lots of excitement…the tooth fairy came!  I shared some of those pictures with you already…on here and on facebook.  He was so excited that at church during “announcement” time, he raised his hand and shared with the congregation that he had lost a tooth.  It was so sweet.  Today was the last day of Sunday School at church, and it marked the last performance from the Hallelujah Singers until next fall.   Here are a few “fuzzy pics” from the church service today…

And to see the Hallelujah Singers perform, click here and here.

Then we came home after church… and the weather had been nothing but dreary all morning.  It poured during church.  I made a yummy lunch…cheese tortellini, garlic bread, and yummy “homemade” marinara sauce.  I was looking forward to a quiet, subdued day of snuggling while watching movies.

At 2:00, I checked the weather online, and we already had over 2 inches of rain this morning.  Then… the sirens went off again.  Punky was so freaked out again…so we hurried to the basement where we tried to settle him down explaining that the storm wasn’t very close to us.  But, as we sat there listening to the radio, checking facebook statuses, twitter, news sites, we realized it was pretty close.  A tornado ripped through North Minneapolis… below are some pictures from The Star Tribune website tonight.  Sooooo scary.




So scary…and to be so close to that.  My heart goes out to all those people and families who lost their homes.  There was one fatality so far… how tragic for that family.

As I cooked dinner, the news was on, and Punky didn’t need to see or hear the aftermath from the storms, so we went out to play “baseball” in the backyard.  (Mind you, the amount of rain we’ve had in the past three days has made our yard look like a dandelion jungle!  So ignore that part of the pictures!)  Punky is soooooo into baseball these days, he pretty much lives, breathes, and sleeps baseball.   He watches any games he can get on tv…. listens to the radio for updates on scores, and pretends to play ball all day long….whether inside or out!   So, here we are in the backyard….and Punky is so into this game….he wears his Bike helmet as his “batting helmet” and then went to fetch his “gardening gloves” to use as his batting gloves.  Man, this was a sight to see!   Wow.   Only a picture can show you how great this was!   Enjoy!

Putting on his "batting gloves." All I can say is "WOW!"

Getting ready to bat. 🙂 LOL!

Oh No! A Bunt!

Getting ready to trade "accessories" with Dada so he can be up next!

Dada ditched the batting gloves, but did sport the fashionable batting helmet!

Punky Pitching... What an arm!

So, I think I felt just about every emotion today as I watched my little boy beaming over the new space in his mouth, as I watched him belt out his songs during his choir time at church, as I watched him pray during Pastor Cindy’s Children’s Time, as I heard the sirens warning our area of the devastating storms, as I comforted a crying, scared little boy in our basement, as I saw news coverage unraveling the devastation in Minneapolis neighborhoods, as I watched the goodness in people as they helped neighbors in need, as I watched my son improvising props in our baseball game as he imitated the men he looks up to during professional baseball games; and then the comforting hugs, kisses, and squeezes Punky gave me as he fell asleep tonight muttering about the storms and how glad he was that we were safe.

What a conflicted day!

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2 thoughts on “A Conflicted Day in Pictures…

  1. Beth says:

    I feel really bad because I didn’t even know there was a tornado until about 10:00 last night.. I think I was napping or something. No sirens went off here or anything…we are far enough away. ugh! thanks for sharing those pictures…

    Punky is a cutie…maybe with his tooth money he could get a new helmet! lol

    Have a nice day!

  2. Gwandma Holly says:

    what a day of feelings and emotions..those kind of days tend to ground you and take a second look at your life as it is right now..what is important and what is not… and what you can do in the future to savor these moments and pick new ones to enjoy or endure…Love ya!

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