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Check this out…

Did ya catch that?   No, you say.  Well then…. Look again…

That’s right!  My little man is growing up!

Right after we ate dinner at “Subway: Eat Fresh” (Seriously…this is what Punky calls Subway”) Punky went to his Kindergarten Open House night and the boy was walking on air.  He loved it!  He was so excited!  He was super excited when he saw some of his friends from preschool walking around…Where is my little man?  He looked so grown up walking around the school tonight… made me so sad and yet so proud of the little guy!

I love you, buddy!  🙂

3 thoughts on “Did ya catch that?

  1. Beth says:

    The milestones can be a killer! I remember K for all 3 girls! Enjoy..they make big changes the day they head off to K!

    Hey my middle dd is graduating from WSU on Friday,,,tomorrow is her last Student Teaching Day! I am so proud of her!

  2. Gwandma Holly says:

    Still can not believe the kindergarten bell is tolling for Punky…how could that have happened so quickly!! I was going to call him last night to see how everything went but I thought it would be to late for him it was 8 p.m.

    I am reeling at the fact that both Punky and Lucas will be going to kindergarten.. a milestone…a step to an older child…a loss of that little boy..and control of what goes into those little spiongelike minds ..from the teacher…fellow students ..and new friends …. seems to be a very big step into the classroom….

    Can’t wait to see you guys this weekend….60’s..some sun ..some rain..some clouds…predicted! ..
    Love ya

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