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I was all ready to go to bed. The partying of the weekend, the hour long elliptical workouts, and this damn weather had me pretty tired out.

I was all ready to go upstairs and go to bed.

But no, I checked Facebook one more time.

Osama Bin Laden is dead….those words were typed out in every single status update on my news feed.


The Monster was killed today.

Turned the tv to CNN. Watched them speculate about the upcoming press conference called by President Obama.

Watched with eyes glued to the tv while The President spoke.

Watched more status updates scroll down my computer screen.

That “9/11” feeling returned to me. Remembering those images from that day. That sick feeling in my tummy as we watched the Towers fall. The paralyzing feeling of being overwhelmed with horrific images, tapes, news footage.

But as The President continued to speak, the “Post 9/11” feelings returned as well. Watching the country unite to show our resolve. Watching Americans unite. Watching the courageous acts of people all around our country.

I loved President Obama’s speech. Every word.

But now as the news settles in…. So do the thoughts of what could be around the corner for us? How will his death be received by Al Qaeda? What will happen as a result of this?  I feel as though we just awoke a sleeping dragon.

It scares me even more as Punky is really aware of the world around him. I am so relieved he never experienced the horror of 9/11, but who knows what the future holds.

So, now I lay in my bed… My mind racing.

I was all ready to go bed…..before I checked Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Monstrous thoughts

  1. beth says:

    Exactly what happen here too… minus the workout! I was bored with Brother and Sisters and getting ready for bed… My 12 yr old comes running in Osama was killed she yelled! I was like “what?” So we watched and waited for Obama’s speech! I am beyond….. all my thoughts are so scattered! Wow!

  2. Gwandma Holly says:

    His speech was amazing in content and outlook….I was proud to be an American!

    It won’t be the last of the terrorists’ bad deeds and i hope retaliation
    is not on the horizon…. it won’t be instant…. it will be most likely when our guard lowers after a few weeks or months…

    I wish everyone would just giver peace a chance!!

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