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Easter fun at the Schad House!

Punky woke up at 6:30 AM…..and he was off on an egg hunt!

Then off to his basket……

Then off to do the calendar using his new “school” set…

Then he switched over to doing weather reports for the news…

After church, we came home and finished cleaning the house and started getting food ready for our guests.

We had Grandpa Kenny take our Easter Family picture before playing in the backyard…

Punky had lots of fun playing baseball in the yard… what a dapper baseball player!

We had lots of fun visiting with our family! Punky had so much fun with the kids….I love to listen to all of the giggles!

We have one worn out little boy tonight…(In fact, that little boy has some pretty tired parents tonight too!)

Happy Easter!

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One thought on “A Beautiful Easter Day

  1. Gwandma Holly says:

    That is an awesome family shot..you time at the gym is really paying off!! You go girl..Love the weather report video…can;t wait ..less than two weeks til I see ya!!

    wow –your bunny was very generous..love all of Punky’s stuff..there will be more for him here too!!

    Love Mom

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