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Today was a crazy busy day!

We cleaned, cooked, cleaned, cooked, and cleaned some more!

I made that Jelly Bean Bark –it looks phenomenal!  I’m not a huge fan of jelly beans, so don’t ask my opinion on the taste.  Take a peek at our batch:

Then, I made that Key Lime Pie.  Wowzers!  That is going to be delicious!!!!   I linked up to the recipe on yesterday’s post (and if it weren’t so damn late tonight, I’d link it up for you again….sorry!)

Here’s a pic from the food network website…That’s about what mine look like this afternoon when it went into the freezer.   I’ll cut up the little key lime garnishes tomorrow.

Made the cheesy hash browns.  They smelled delicious!!!  Can’t wait to taste them!

Then, we colored eggs.  Punky had tons of fun with that!

Lining up the color options...

Checking if the purple one is ready....

Look at those colors!!!!!

Punky is sound asleep right now, and I should be too… Check out the Easter basket that is awaiting him…

**Note – that Easter basket was my Grandpa’s…I love it!!!  Punky’s going to love that Angry Birds guy!

Pretty excited about this ice cream maker…..you put in all the ingredients and then kick it around for 20-25 minutes and Voila……Ice cream!   We’ll see how it works!   Keith hid the eggs around the living room.  🙂  Punky should have a fun morning!

I am bummed we never got around to watching our annual “Jesus Christ Superstar” movie this weekend.  Maybe tomorrow while we do last minute cleaning, we cna belt out some songs while we work!

Happy Easter!   (Or as Grandpa Hill used to always say, “Happy Easter, Egg!”

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3 thoughts on “Happy Easter, Egg!

  1. Jeanne M says:

    Aw, Mike and I totally bought that Larry book for Punky…darn! Looks like you’re going to have a good Easter. We’ll miss you out here.

  2. beth says:

    Happy Easter

    Why did the Easter Egg hide?

    He was a little chicken!


  3. Gwandma Holly says:

    wow your house is bustling like ours is today and in years gone by… sounds like you are having though..building those memories…

    WE did not have a chance to watch JC super star either and we were both bummed…

    and in the words of my Dad… ” Happy Easter, Egg” right back at you!!

    Love ya … miss you all .. the bunny came to all of you and it it all waiting til Mother’s day weeekend!!


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