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celebrating life one moment at a time

Trying to put together the Easter menu.  So far I have these yummy dishes lined up:  

Tomorrow night, we’re heading to our friends’ house for some family fun and beverages!   We always bring appetizers along, so I think I will make mini sandwiches of the shredded beef recipe from my pal Kristin.  😉  (Shredded Roast beef sandwiches……Take a Beef Round roast from Costco, a can of beef broth, an envelope of au jus, and envelope of Lipton onion soup mix, and an envelope of theLipton garlic/herb seasoning —-and when it’s done, shred it. Cut open hoagie buns from the bakery section, pile high with beef, a slice of provolone and broil it for a few minutes. YUMMY!!!!)   That should hit the spot tomorrow evening.
The JBF Sale in Elk River is next weekend.   I spent today tagging, tagging, and more tagging lots of books, clothes, and shoes.  Last count on the spreadsheet, I’d make over $900 if it all sold!  (I’m trying to sneak some toys outta here too…… but Punky keeps melting when he happens across them in my piles.  “But Mama, I have so many memories with this!”  Seriously.  He doesn’t even fit on that toy anymore!!!!
State testing is done for the most part (well, except for make-ups) —the reading portion.   Math and Science will come in the upcoming weeks.  I can’t believe it’s almost May!  This year was so weird being out of the classroom…. but I am still loving it.  I’m hoping year 2 will go a bit more smoothly since I’ll have a clue as to what I am doing.  (I Hope!)  🙂
Got a text from my friend Kristin today that had me rolling on the floor.  Check it out:

Easter is cancelled, my bad.

Of course, I had to send that on to nearly everyone in my address book.

Checking out Stride Rite’s online.  Punky loves his Captain Rex shoes… but they’ve been through hell and back.  He needs a pair soon.  I have to remember to show him his options for summer so I can get those ordered.

Ahhhh.  Speaking of online shopping.   Check out restaurant.com I scored $110 worth of restaurant gift certificates for a mere $13.50 tonight!   Enter “Easter: in the promotion code when you check out for 80% off your order!  🙂  Sweet!

This is turning out to be quite the hodge podge of random thoughts.   Welcome to my brain.   It does this at warp speed…all day long.  🙂  And I do mean ALL. DAY. LONG.  🙂

Spent some time at the gym tonight.  Getting sick of my ipod tunes……I need some more songs.  I’m afraid to log into iTunes and start searching as that always gets me into trouble!  😉

Well, I best be going to bed.  I have a long day ahead of me…lots of cleaning, shopping, and cooking!

Good night!

4 thoughts on “Warp Speed

  1. beth says:

    I had a hard time catching my breath from your post! Lol… Is the sale mostly kid stuff or big people stuff too? Next weekend is my only free one for a long while!lol Your Easter menu is quite like mine…but my mom is briniging dessert! Have a great rest of the weekend!

  2. Melissa says:

    Beth – LOL! The sale is kids’ stuff and maternity stuff for the most part. (“Kids” goes through pre-teen I believe). Happy Easter to you and your family!

  3. Heather says:

    We call those potatoes “Easter potatoes” at my house…I use one can of cream of celery (instead of two potato) yumm!!!!

  4. Melissa says:

    I bet that’s yummy!

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