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3 thoughts on “State Testing is here…..

  1. beth says:

    We tested last week… My daughter goes to the school I am at so she always has something say about this teacher or that… Today she says ” Gosh mom all your teacher friends are sure in a good mood, we did fun stuff in just about all my classes and only Mr _______________ gave homework!” She is a 7th grader! But it is so true…I feel a weight off my shoulders… Hope you get thru it without much hassle!

  2. Jeanne M says:

    Hey, just stopped by, and saw all the new updates. Very nice! Happy Spring cleaning!

  3. Melissa says:

    Beth – for a 4 day work week, that was hell!!!!! Wow. We had a few hiccups but nothing major. 🙂 Just a whole different routine for the kids (and for us!)! I’m looking forward to this weekend!

    Jeanne – Thanks! It’s been fun to do! Now I just need some new pictures of the three of us for the sidebar. 🙂

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