No cake or candles here today
Or presents for you to open
Just love from friends who want to say
Happy Birthday, and that we’re hoping
Somehow you can see and know
That we have not forgotten you
That we still remember, even though
You’ve departed from our view
And if you see us here below
And wonder why we care
It’s just because we want to show
That a part of you is still here
You live within each memory’s heart
And so you remain, though we’re apart…

Happy 75th Birthday, Miriam!   We miss you so much!  We had dinner with Kenny tonight.  Punky liked to announce to everyone that it was your birthday today.  I went back and read my blog during the final weeks we had with you.  (My highest blog count ever was the day you passed away from us…that seems so long ago!)  It was super sweet to read some facebook posts today about your birthday from your friends…. You were an amazing lady… and we keep telling Punky all about you!  Love you!

2 thoughts on “Remembering…

  1. She is still missed by us in Illinois.., wish we had more years to enjoy Punky together..
    what a tribute that you keep her memory alive for us all and especially Punky!

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