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Wow.  Time sure flies!  i haven’t posted on here in quite awhile.  Sorry about that!  So, what have I been up to?  

Well, Punky is in preschool and not liking it too much.   (I swear, sometimes he is SO not my kid!)  Actually, he loves it when he is there, but the whole anticipation of it coming (mind you, he only goes twice a week) kills him.  We’ve shed many tears over this at our house.  I know it’s what is best for him, but man alive, I am tired of the arguing and pleading…..”Mama, i don’t want to go to preschool, do I havta?” 

Started at the gym last summer and then I got my “new job.”  Haven’t been back since.  Until tonight.  Man, did it ever feel good to be back on that elliptical getting my ass kicked!  Ahhh.   I was at the doctor a week ago for a sinus infection and my blood pressure was through the roof —-who knew that you were really NOT supposed to take Mucinex -D for more than 7 days?  I’ve been taking it daily since Christmas break!   So, now I have a date – twice a day- with my school nurse to get my BP checked.  I’m supposed to be writing it down for 2 weeks and then heading to my doctor if it doesn’t come down.   It is coming down…..just not as quickly as I had hoped or guessed.  Long story even longer, I decided to get my butt back to the gym.   That can’t hurt this process!  😉

Joined the Biggest Loser at school.   Last week was our first “check-in” weigh-in and wouldn’t ya know that I got my flippin’ period the night before, so I was up .02 lbs.  I know….not much, but I had to pay in.   So, this week, I cannot wait to step on that scale!   🙂 

February is “I love to read” month at school.   Yes, I do love to read, but then again, where does all my time go?   I did read “Saving Max” and am now reading “Pictures of You.”   I really want to reread the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy again, but…..I need to find some time.  I should probably look into downloading books on my iPod for the gym…..but then I’d really miss jammin’ to my tunes. 

Punky and I are heading to Chicago in 2 weeks.  Can’t wait to see the family.  He’s super excited.  (Not sure if it’s because he’ll be in Chicago or because he’ll have 2 weeks off from school!) Just kidding – He’s pumped to see “Gwandma and Gwandpa!”

I am off to watch the new “How I Met Your Mother” episode…..


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