Here we go…

Punky left this morning for 10 days in Illinois with my Mom and Dad. I am putting off going home as I hate the quiet house. It’s really eerily quiet when he’s gone. I HATE IT.

So… 9 more days to go…

I forgot to bring my camera here so I can’t update you on the happenings of the weekend. We did go to an awesome Corn Maze, and we celebrated Punky’s 5th birthday with 12 of his little friends. Pictures will be coming…. I promise.

3 thoughts on “Here we go…

  1. Hope he has a nice time and hope you get to relax a little. Mine go away occasionally but haven’t for that long….
    Hope it passes quickly for you and at just the right speed for him!!!

  2. We are loving every minute of it.. and so far ..Punky is too….we tire him out and keep him busy one fun thing after another…tomorrow is an outside garden and yard day..he tells me he is doing the compost building…he loved our church tonight…and fell asleep right after dinner in front of the ball game that was on!!

    We are sure going to miss the little guy after he leaves for back home with you next Sunday..sure you couldn’t move closer so we could have more time with the cutie??

    Thanks for sharing him….

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