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celebrating life one moment at a time

What an episode of Glee tonight! Fabulous and timed well with my life! To watch each character struggle with faith was amazing. Kurt with his dad (who BTW is one of my favorite characters— such an awesome but REAL dad!), Finn and his Grilled Cheesus, Mercedes and her faith, and God help Brittany and her awesome cluelessness!

Today has been super crazy –starting with an emotional routine this morning since Punky had preschool. (including a few tears shed overnight! **yawn**)

Lots of tears this morning before daycare drop off. CRAZY day at school, followed by chaos at home while our windows were put in… Then a few phone calls to try to help some people going through some REALLY tough times. Then off to a meeting at church followed by a few more supportive phone calls.

Then home to talk with Hubby about the entire CRAZY day…. Then Glee!

Hit. The. Nail. On. The. Head. Glee.

What a powerful episode for all to see! What if God were one of us? What do you believe in? How do you find comfort? What do you value? How do you cope with what life throws your way? Well done, Glee! Well done!

On a side note, I came home from work and asked Punky how school was: “awesome!”. (direct quote!). God, please help us all get some sleep tonight!!!!

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