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I am super excited.

We took Punky to Minneapolis this weekend.   A big photographer from Texas was teaching a class to local photographers in Minnesota and needed a few kids to “model” so the class goers could practice the techniques they were being taught.  It was really interesting to be there.  Punky took a while to warm up to the whole situation, but once he did, he had lots of fun!

In exchange for our bringing Punky to them to be photographed, we will receive photos of him from that day… for FREE!   I cannot wait to see the pictures!   I am sure there were some really cute ones in there!

Anyway, in between being snatched up by photographers, I snapped this picture with my iPhone.  Punky was just standing waiting for the next photographer to come get him.

I really like it in black and white too…

I so can’t wait to see the pictures!

2 thoughts on “A Photogenic Punky

  1. Carina says:

    He’s such a handsome little guy! I bet they were thrilled to take his pictures! Can’t wait to see some of the results. =)

  2. Gwandma Holly says:

    what an experience… can’t wait to see all the pictures they took of him!! Yours waas not too shabby either..love ya

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