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A very kind blogger, Beth, from Walk A Mile has bestowed a bloggy award onto me.  😉

Here is what she kindly said about my blog on her site:

Tendrils Ink

I love this blog…besides its external beauty there is internal beauty. Tendril is Special Ed teacher that is loving and compassionate. I found her blog when I was out blog hopping and I think I typed in teacher or something. She lives in my state AND she attended my Alma Mater…many years later…but still… We both had the same professor and through her I had found that he had died. Rest In Peace Dr Rocco.

Thanks, Beth!

Here are the rules for the Award:
1.Add the One Lovely Blog Award Logo to your blog.
2.Link to the person from whom you received this award.
3.Pass it on! Award the One Lovely Blog Award to 7 (or more) Lovely Blogs.
4.Leave a message on their Lovely Blog letting the winner know they are “One Lovely Blog”!

So, ya know this is kind of strenuous thought is difficult for me on a Friday afternoon, but here goes:

1.   Jensconsin:  I met up with Jen through Indigo on That’s My Answer!, and I know follow her on Twitter as well.  She’s a super sweet girl… who always has me laughing!   Her blog is a must read!

2.  Indigo… I love her blog.    She loves books, movies and wine.  Just like me!  😉

3.  RC – I love keeping up with her blog too, but she has’t been blogging much as of late.  RC….come back!  RC and I went to college together…we are tattoo buddies!  😉

4.  Scout over at United States of Motherhood. She has the mouth of a salior (just like me in real life)… and her blog always has interesting topics!  Plus, she and I are both Gleeks!

5.  Jen over at Laughing at Chaos.   I love her blog!   She has lots to say and she is hilarious!  We have way too many things in common… maybe we were sisters in a former life?

6.  Meg over at Hi, I’m Meg!  I have known Meg since we were in grade school.   We both grew up in the little Chicago suburb, Rolling Meadows; we both attended St. Colette School; we went to different high schools, but wound up at the same college in Minnesota….and now we both reside in the Twin Cities area.  I love reading her blog!  Her kids are super cute… and she always seems to be saying what I am thinking!

7.  Melissa over at Banana Migraine – she too has taken a bloggy break, but I love to read about her and her family.  Her little ones are also cute as a button!

Ok, that’s enough brain work for me today…

Thanks again, Beth!

3 thoughts on “Bloggy Love

  1. Congratulations! So happy for you.

  2. therysewyks says:

    Awww, geez. You make me blush. 🙂

  3. Indigo says:

    Mwah! Thank you!

    Sorry it took me so long to officially receive my award, I can’t always get your blog to take comments on my iphone.

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