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This has been a long week.

Granted MCA testing didn’t help.  My students are fried. I am fried.

I am a Glee-k!  I love, love, love the show Glee.   In a little over a week, I’ve watched the entire season 1 and caught up to where they are now…  I love it!  Can’t wait for next Tuesday night!

The sale is coming along.  I think I have printed over 140 tags – most of which are for outfits – all hung on hangers, priced, tagged, and ready to go.  Now I have to go through all of the books and such that I am selling from my classroom.  I have WAY too many books, and with the looming move back into my tiny, tiny, wee little classroom next year, I am purging!   🙂  I think I will be putting them into sets such as “Great books for girls – age 8-12”
and then having 5 novels in a gallon sized bag all ready to go for $4 or $5.  I also have to clean up some of the baby, baby toys….and get them marked.  I went through bins and bins and more bins pulling out only what I want to keep and use if we have another baby.

We also have church clean up tomorrow, so I will be busy trying to “purge” the storage closet where many antiquated objects sit collecting lots and lots of dust.  This should help me continue my “spring cleaning” mode!  There is just so much stuff there!

I am going to start a second “job” soon as the Minneapolis City Editor for the Savvy Source website.  I am pretty excited!  Just getting all of my paperwork in and training done.  🙂

Met with our financial planner last night.  I have to say, I was a bit nervous going into this, but I love going there!    It’s really eye-opening and very informational.

Baby Shower plans are going well.   I need to find BRIGHT pink receiving blankets for that diaper cake. I also need to get over to Archiver’s or Litin Paper for zebra paper.

Next Friday night is the 8th Grade Dance at my school.   I can’t believe the year is almost over!  (We’re at about 30 school days left!)  Yay!

Not much else is happening here.

I’m off…

Enjoy your weekend!

2 thoughts on “{insert interesting post title here}

  1. Beth says:

    Hi! What novels are you selling?? Our Language Arts/Special Ed are looking for sets… I have been purging for a couple months and I keep finding more…more older dds are pack rats…Have a great weekend

  2. Baby Toys says:

    It’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate the thing is you don’t really realize until everything starts to overspill. Although it is always a nice feeling when you manage to de-clutter and reclaim some of your floor and cupboard space. Ready for the next deluge of artifacts you are going to pick up. LOL…

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