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One of my best friends, Kelly, is going to be a grandma! Yep, a grandma at age 37! 🙂 It’s super exciting to watch her daughter as she gets ready to have her baby this June. She’s been so cute and so excited!  (Kelly is very excited, too!)

Anyway, the little baby will be a beautiful baby girl. I am having a blast buying things!!! (As I am pretty good at buying boys stuff!)

Anyway, some of us are throwing her a shower at our church. I am über excited! 🙂

The colors….HOT pink and zebra! Talk about F-U-N!

Here are some goodies I have picked up for her…

Paper goods:

plus hot pink, black, white  paper plates, napkins, and utensils.

Decorating ideas:

plus the fuschia table cloths shown above with zebra paper down the middle…

I need to call my friend, a florist to try to get hot pink flowers…

For the cupcakes, BRIGHT Pink frosting with something like this in each one…. (still working on these details)

For her gift, I ordered these adorable pillowcase dresses:

Add to that these adorable hats, headbands, etc…

Super, Super Cute!

I do a lot of blog reading.   A. Lot.

I have seen so many  tacky things in my reading…. such as the always-ugly-diaper cake.   Is it just me, or are these hideous?

I found a great blog…The Hostess with the Mostess.   Great ideas!   Check out this diaper cake that we will try to be replicating…

EASY directions on how to make it are here.

Lots and lots of ideas… now I just need some time!

2 thoughts on “Planning a Baby Shower

  1. Beth says:

    Oh so much fun! I love those dresses and the hair pieces…to die for! have fun!

  2. kelly says:

    thanks so much for planning this shower!!!!!! It looks like you have some really cool ideas……I cant wait till the 1st to see everything come together, let me know what you need from me 🙂

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