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I keep saying, “Ya know, there’s an app for that….” but it really is true!

As my iPhone is only 3 weeks old… I am in love with some of the apps, so I thought I would pass them on to you…

These are in no particular order of coolness – they just happen to be in this order on my phone:

Camera One – I got sick of the 5+ apps for working with your pictures, so I got this All-In One app for better focus, soft flash, digital zoom, etc… you can do lots with this “little guy.”

Project 365 – I love this!   It takes the whole Project 365 idea….and sticks it on your iPhone!   A picture a day…documented in a cute little photo calendar.  LOVE IT!

wordpress – I can update my blog, right from my phone!   Nothing screams GEEK quite like this!

Facebook – no explanation needed.

Echofon – Twitter on my phone.  Tweet, Tweet!   (But as of this past week, Tweetie will be renamed Twitter for iPhone and made FREE, so I’ll be getting that one soon!)

Bejeweled 2 – say no more.  I can blitz (for facebook) anywhere!

Words With Friends – I can play scrabble from my phone with friends from around the world!  I. Love. It.

WTF – WhatTheFact? – I love this!   With a tap on the screen, I have a random fact… I use this in my classroom all the time!

RedLaser – Price scanner.  Love. It.  Scna a price, find the cheapest price around!

Groupon – Just like the website – Find a great local deal of the day!   Today, I got a Jax Cafe (a Minneapolis landmark since 1933!) $70 gift certificate for $35!  Half off!  Can’t wait to use it!  (My brother and his wife have been there, but we have yet to go… until NOW!)

Coupon Sites:  These are awesome…just find a coupon, show it to the cashier!  Easy peasy!

The Coupon Sherpa




imdb – Ya know those nagging questions while you’re watching a movie or a TV show and you can’t figure out who that actor/actress is and where you’ve seen them before?   Be bothered no more!  Check this app out – it’s just like the website!

redbox – reserve a movie at a local redbox right from your phone!

At Bat 2010 – mlb.com – listen to and/or get the stats on all mlb games this season!  Sweet!   Easy to keep track of my Twins and my Cubbies!

I have a boatload more apps, but those will be for another post.  I’m thinking…Apps for kids!  (Punky loves playing “games” on my phone)  Favorite game apps, restaurant apps, store apps, etc…. I could write a book!  😉

Till then…

One thought on “Me-so-App-y!

  1. grandma knock knock says:

    YOU are an app!!!

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