Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time

This morning, Punky and I went to Caribou Coffee to Pay it Forward (from our Friday’s treat!). We paid for the order for the car behind us as well as our order. Punky was so excited, he kept turning around to try to peer over his car seat side to see the white car behind us.

Today is my Dad’s Birthday!   Happy Birthday, Dad!

I have been a machine the past few days. I am washing, drying, hanging, and pricing lots of things to sell at the JBF Sale (Just Between Friends). I’ll be writing more soon to tell you all about it.

The Minnesota Twins Home Opener is today at the brand spankin’ new Target Field!  I would LOVE to be at that game.

My Cubbies also have their home opener today at Wrigley Field.   I wouldn’t mind being there either!  😉

Hubby’s dad came over to tell us they’ll be putting the cabin up for sale soon.  😦

State testing starts tomorrow.   Blech.

I am on a kick to simplify and organize life around me.  I’ll explain more soon.

I have lots of blog post ideas in my head…..I just need to sit down and get them OUT!  😉  Stay tuned!

Enjoy the day!   It’s beautiful outside!

One thought on “Random Happenings in our Neck of the Woods

  1. Beth says:

    I am dying to be at the Home Opener! Dh is going…he is going to get a ticket once there! Too fun!

    We start testing tomorrow! I can’t wait for it to be O.V.E.R.

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