Just got home from running some errands. I pulled into the driveway and noticed Hubby glaring at me.

“shit…. I took too long…” I muttered.

I got out of the car to Hubby sitting on the front porch and Punky watering “the garden” (or what will be the garden once spring has fully sprung up here in the Frozen Tundra.)

Neither were speaking.


Oh oh.

“Punky watered my basil plants,” said hubby.

I peered down to a very messy pot sitting on the front porch.

Hubby went into the house.

Punky replied with, “Mama, I did water Dada’s plant, but when I looked at it when I done, it didn’t look very happy anymore.”

He then added, “so, now I not happy either.”

5 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. Beth…. I know. Later that day he asked his dad, “Dada, you still mad at me for your plant?” **heart melts**

    Carina – GREAT IDEA!

  2. can’t tell you how many times you guys did that to me… but they will come back….and putting it on the “how important/serious is this chart”…rates a triple zero….. in five years ..in two months… in an hour…Punky thought he was doing a good thing…he is only four…Dada needs to lighten up or take the hose away from Punky…life is too short and I liked Carina’s idea… just saying….

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