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Well, it’s no secret here that I love Chicago Style Hot Dogs.

Remember how much we love Superdawg? [Each of those words is a link to a Superdawg story (aka Dupe-Dupe-Dog to Baby Punky!)]

Remember here in March 2007 when Hubby and I first found Chris & Rob’s in the Twin Cities area? (All of those are posts to Chris & Rob‘s experiences…) and let’s not forget how special Chris is to Punky…. see here, here, and here.

Anyway, enough reminiscing.

Over spring break, my mom and dad took Punky and me to the NEW Superdawg location in Wheeling, IL.  It was raining out… but I did get some cool photos.   (They are still waiting for the huge hotdogs for the top of the roof – as pictured above from the original restaurant in Chicago).

It was good, interesting, ummmmmm, ok, it was weird.   I just LOVE the one in the city so much, that it just seems odd to me to be at this new one!  Don’t get me wrong….it’s a very cool place.  It’s just not the original one.

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Have you ever visited a “NEW” place and just not seen it as quite being “the same?”

One thought on “A “New” Tradition

  1. grandma knock knock says:

    I have to agree with you..I love the old one better.. maybe new families can start new traditions at the new one ..think ours remain with the old place.

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