Ca-ching! (Can ya hear it?)

Search & Win Ok… I have actively been collecting Swagbucks for a 8 weeks.    Remember this post?  Well, I installed the Swagbucks toolbar into my browser windows at home and at work.   Before I do a Google search, I search on Swagbucks first.   If I don’t get the results I am quite looking for, then I use Google.  But, most of the time, I get my results.

So, why ANOTHER blog post?!?!?  I just earned my 5th $5 gift card today!  WOOT!   WOOT!   Christmas shopping is going to be awesomely cheaper this year!   (I just get Amazon cards as you can get ANYTHING on there…plus a ProFlowers card as I use them a lot as well for birthdays and anniversaries over the year).  FYI, Amazon allows you to use more than one code per order… so start earning!!!!!

So, what are YOU waiting for?   Go on…

Check it out!

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