Our Simple Pleasures

celebrating life one moment at a time




I love so many things.





time with hubby

morning hugs (from Punky and Hubby)


sweet potato french fries

a busy classroom


going out with friends

buttery nipple shots (i had quite a few of them last night with friends)

coke Zero

piping hot pizza with sausage, green pepper, mushroom, onion and lots of gooey cheese

a quiet classroom


bulletin boards

watching Modern Family

not leaving the house during snowstorms

snuggling on the couch with Punky and Hubby

the “daycare pick-up HUG!”


fresh veggies from our garden



Hubby’s laugh

a buzzing classroom




bread with oil

dark chocolate

fresh flowers


fresh brewed iced tea

Chicago-style hotdogs

watching How I met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men

curling up with my cozy soft red afghan from my parents and watching my TV shows after Punky goes to bed


my iPod

phone calls and texts from friends and family

inside jokes

a new spiral notebook

playingboard games as a family

Punky’s giggle

going to church

Jodi Picoult Books

art projects with Punky

flannel jammies

super cute stationery from Gina at A Touch of Whimsy

toasty slippers our fireplace

playing Boggle

watching Grey’s Anatomy

reading my magazines (Real Simple, All You, Simple and Delicious, and Hubby’s Entertainment Weekly)

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

watching Punky write his name

seeing Punky hold hands with Hubby

trying tasty new recipes

coloring with crayons in a coloring book

our down comforter

nights at the cabin around the fire

dinners on our picnic table in the summer

visiting family

sending birthday cards (when I am on top of upcoming days!)

girls’ night out with my friends

listening to music

taking pictures

I will add more later today….

2 thoughts on “Love.

  1. kathi says:

    So nice to see such a long list of things/people/places loved! And I’m so with you on that combo pizza 🙂

    :: Mingle On! ::

  2. Kim says:

    I love your list of things you love 🙂


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