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school is over.  i need to go pick up punky from daycare.   what a day.  i know it’s tuesday, but it sure feels like a monday.  yuck.   my back is killing me…have to work on getting punky to sleep all alone all night in his own bed.    i can’t keep sleeping on a twin bed.   speaking of that, who ever taught him to sleep touching someone…he must always have a body limb touching a part of my body, so if i so much as move, try to get up, or whatnot, he flies up, “mama!”  this reminds me of my cat, nala.   she slept like that too. i cannot get the song, you’re gonna miss this” outta my head this week.  especially when i get so discouraged and upset with punky’s sleep habits.  finished the book “the girl who played with fire” excellent!   third book of this trilogy comes out in may 2010.  i can’t wait.  scrapping this past weekend got me so in the mood to keep going; so i scheduled another saturday 12-hour crop at our church in february.  at the end of february, i return to the friends forever retreat center where we scrapped last year….talk about heaven.  i loved that place and i cannot wait to go back!  major cramps today means that i will most likely be returning to my reproductive endocrinologist in 3 or 4 days for another round of injections.  (took last month off as my insurance ran out for the year – reset on jan 1!)  i’ll keep you posted.    i can’t wait to walk in the door at home and smell that aroma of a roast in the crock pot.  yummm….. i hope to spend some time with hubby tonight – we taped dvr-ed “i love you man” and i want to see it!  off i go.


4 thoughts on “stream of consciousness

  1. therysewyks says:

    I have 2 more books to get through before I get to that series. Which is good, because then I’ll be able to burn through all 3! Sorry about having to go back to the reproductive endo. Such a letdown. Nice that your insurance covers it though. My insurance scoffs at that. Hope your spirits stay up. I’ll be thinking about you.

  2. CityGirl says:

    Hey, sister – I read your profile today…where did you go to high school? I grew up in the near northwest suburbs. I’m a few years older than you are, but we might know the same places. :o) Go Cubs!!

    Sorry about the endo. I had to have my girl innards removed a few years ago, but that was here in Alabama where they still consider moonshine an acceptable form of anesthesia. Hopefully you have good docs up there!


    your streams of thought weigh too heavy for cute …young mom…

    maybe the next coming months we’ll see the answer to our prayers and if not then God had other plans for you…

    you definitely have to get the upper hand on this night time ritual ….tough love is sometime needed…the bigger the kid gets the bigger the problems…remember that.

    hope your stream gets less weighted down…love ya

  4. Indigo says:

    Oh my gosh, our kids are so opposite. Zoe has always insisted on snuggling with me in bed, HOWEVER, no body parts should EVER touch. It’s so boring.


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