Big ol’ rosy cheeks!

So, I love the photos posted below from our outside excursion in the snow.

I am torn between the antiqued photos and the bright bold colors.

Here are the antique photos in the last post with some color added to them.   Because these were taken under the shadow of our house, many of them were super dark.  I purposely overexposed a few of  them to blur out the background.

What a smile!   Can’t ya just pinch those cheeks?

So deep in thought…

Poor kid, all anyone is ever going to want to do is pinch those rosy big ol’ cheeks!  😉

2 thoughts on “Big ol’ rosy cheeks!

  1. I like the bright versions of the photos better… not saying the antique tone ones aren’t nice, but I like how the bright ones just pop out at you! And you’re so right about those rosy cheeks.

    :: mingling ::

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